Product Designer

Currently at Netflix.

Designer, prototyper, inventor.

Experience designing across hardware and software for mixed reality, desktop and mobile applications.

  • Design Thinker
    I view design as a combination of research, intuition, and compromise. Design is good when it solves a problem in a delightful way for as many people as possible. I love to collaborate with others for exciting ideation sessions and to lead the charge into unknown territory.
  • Multidisciplinary Hat Wearer
    My background includes a wide variety of projects. I believe tangential disciplines help make designs better. My background includes industrial design studies, interactive user experience design, haptic effect design, game design, peripheral experimentation, and mixed reality.
  • Rapid Prototyper
    I love rapidly iterating on concepts to develop prototypes and finished designs for both hardware and software. I excel at collaborating with engineers, project managers, and other designers to create new hardware and software experiences.