Immersion Content Portal

Demo and Distribution Platform

Content Portal fulfills a vital need of distributing content for content creators and also serves as a demo platform for haptically enhanced content. The style of the application adheres to Android Material Design. Users may download all videos with the simple press of the download all icon. The navigation drawer can be accessed via the hamburger menu or swiping from the left. Only public content is available unless the user is signed in. When signed in, the user will also see another server list with categories relevant to the account. The background color at the top of the navigation drawer will also change to further convey that the user is signed in. The stylized patterns for the backgrounds are used to adhere to Immersion's marketing guidelines.

Content portal 1
Mobile screenshots of Immersion Content Portal.
content portal 2
The thumbnails are large to promote the content.
content portal 3
The carousel in the player is designed to automatically go to the next video in a playlist. A mute button enables temporarily disabling haptics.

Selected Work

More detail and projects available upon request.

ARt - Augmented Reality Touch

ARt - Augmented Reality Touch

Shown at LA Times NewStory 2018
Haptic Studio 2

Haptic Studio 2

Quick generation of haptic textures

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